Standard Software for AGVs CANopen

One of the various typical applications for battery driven vehicles are driverless transportation systems (FTS) also called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).
For their specific function range Schwarzmüller-Inverter offers this standard application software. This AGV software configures PLUS+1 inverters with functions that are typically used for a speed controlled operation for drive, steer and pump actuation with a three phase-asynchronous motor.
In contrary to our other Standard SW for AGVs, which supports a basic and more simple CAN protocol, this version now supports full CANopen object dictionary with PDO, SDO, SYNC, EMCY, NMT, BOOT and HEART.

All other AGV specific functionalities are identical:

  • The set point can optionally be set via analog or digital signals (analog mode) or also via CAN-Bus (CAN mode).
  • Brake and main contactor are automatically set in the analog mode, in CAN mode via corresponding bus signals.
  • Extensive control functions protect inverter and drive.
  • All service communication like parameter setting and diagnostics is done through CAN communication via the
    PLUS+1 Service Tool or Service data object communication.This includes also the Motor Parameter, therefore
    a handling of the Motor Parameter as ReadOnlyFile is not possible in this version.The CANopen communication
    of the inverter is described in an EDS file.

    The SW is available with Field Oriented Control.

For more details, please look to product information, SW operation manual or wiring diagram:
pdfProduct Information Standard AGV CANopen Application Software V1.0.pdf1.25 MB
pdfOperation Manual PLUS+1 SW Standard AGV CANopen V1.1.pdf3.78 MB
pdfWiring Diagram SW Standard AGV.pdf83.38 KB(also valid for CANopen Version)

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