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Standard Software Single Drive Class1 Traction

One of the various typical applications for battery driven vehicles are fork lift trucks.
The Class 1 Single Traction Drive Application Software is dedicated to the traction system of single drive counter balanced trucks with a three phase asynchronous motor.

  • The speed set point typically comes as an analog value from a potentiometer below the throttle pedal.
  • Forward and backward inputs define the drive direction.
  • A brake switch indicates that the mechanical brake is in use and commands the electric drive to enhance the deceleration.
  • A seat switch monitors the presence of the driver.
  • The parking brake (if available) and main contactor are automatically controlled.
  • Extensive control functions protect inverter and motor.

    The SW is only available with Field Oriented Control, Slip Control is no longer supported.

For more details, please look to product information, operation manual or wiring diagram:
pdfProduct Information Class1 Single Traction Drive Application Software.pdf1.03 MB
pdfOperation Manual PLUS+1 SW Class1 Single Traction Drive.pdf3.85 MB
pdfWiring Diagram MI01-MI20 Class1 Single Traction Drive.pdf83.03 KB

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