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25 years of history in the making

In 1988 Thomas Schwarzmüller developed a new control algorithm for AC-induction motors at the University of Kaiserslautern. This was the start of a successful story in mobile AC inverter technology. After foundation of the Schwarzmüller GmbH in 1994 several inverter series were developed and placed on the market in the following years, covering all aspects of the mobile machine market.
The acquisition by Sauer-Danfoss in 2002 brought the PLUS+1® software concept in to the inverter product line and by
2006 the first PLUS+1® MI-Series inverter was launched, which also included a cutting-edge technology for best drive performance.
In 2010 the inverter business became a standalone business unit inside Sauer-Danfoss with the name Schwarzmüller Inverter, and when Danfoss acquired all the remaining shares of the Sauer-Danfoss Group, Schwarzmüller Inverter became a "Member of the Danfoss Group". In this period the business grew significantly.

2016: Schwarzmüller Inverter joins the SME Group

To continue this strong growth of the business, and realizing that the future growth potential primarily lays outside
Danfoss's core business segments, Danfoss carried out different strategy discussions which ultimately lead to the
SME Group acquiring the business, effective 1st of July 2016. Schwarzmüller Inverter is now a "Member of the SME Group".

The SME group develops, manufactures and markets low voltage inverters, motors and controls. Combined,
the SME Group employ approximately 110 employees in four locations in Italy, Germany, China and Canada.
Since the SME Group and Schwarzmüller Inverter have been serving different market segments and regions,
this is a strong combination ensuring a continued growth for both parties.

Our people work as a team to focus on quality,innovation and support

The heart of the Schwarzmüller Inverter business remain our first rate team of engineers designing and developing
the PLUS+1® MI series products or help out with Application Support. 
In the future Schwarzmüller Inverter can count on a vast know-how in technology and quality by the combination of Danfoss and SME Group product, technology and operations experience.

By combining our enthusiasm for innovations of electrical drive systems with a detailed understanding of our customers challenges, we are able to pioneer innovative solutions for mobile equipment.

Our Vision: To become your partner of choice for Innovative Mobile Inverter Applications.

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