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PLUS+1® MI Application Development System

Our PLUS+1 MI Application Development System is the easiest way to develop and test your own MI Inverter Application Software using the PLUS+1 GUIDE. It enables you to start with the SW development in an early development phase when the real application is not available yet.
The Development System can be used for a basic SW verification and it can shorten the test effort on the real application significantly.

The Development System includes:
· Hard Shell Transportation Trolley
· AC Motor
· MI03 Inverter
· Power supply
· Emergency Stop / Main Contactor
· Break Out Box

Features & Benefits
  • The System is already prewired according to our wiring recommendations.
  • Possibility to include additional components like contactors, valves ...
  • The System is supplied with a simple SW example and a Service Tool page that can be used as a base for individual application.
  • The Break Out Box can simulate all possible signals going to the inverter and display any signal coming from the inverter.
  • External components can be connected to the box and used as real signal sender or receiver.
  • Easy to use on desk due to detachable assembly plate.

CG150 CAN/USB Gateway Interface Communicator

Application programs are quick to download from the PLUS+1 CAN network via this compact and cost-effective communicator. Application tuning parameters can be both uploaded and downloaded serving as the gateway interface between PLUS+1 modules on the CAN network and a computer USB port. The CG150 is compatible with Bosch CAN standard 2.0 A & B (standard and extended data frames) and USB standard 1.1 & 2.0.

35 pin AMP Seal Mating Connector Bag Assembly

This is the mating connector for the MI Inverter. It is available as a bag assembly and consists of:

· 1 connector
· 40 crimp contacts
· 10 seal plugs

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