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Features & Benefits

Plug into intelligent performance with our PLUS+1® Inverters

PLUS+1 Inverter is a new inverter design for a full range of battery powered vehicles. The latest technology in power electronics, control & interface technology, motor control algorithm is used to give the best performance and efficiency to customer' s applications. Full integration in Danfoss PLUS+1 system architecture provides an advanced and flexible drive system.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged design for your daily use
  • Tested under harsh environmental conditions (see Specifications page)
  • Generous power reserves for a long lifetime
  • Flux vector control for easy motor setup and advanced drive performance with highest effiency.
  • Sealed with a breathable, waterproof membrane for improved reliability and robustness in tough working conditions with high temperature extremes.
  • User-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE for easy system design and management.
  • Comprehensive interface concept with CAN port and multifunctional inputs/outputs for easy configuration of vehicle functions.
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostics with PLUS+1 Service Tool for cost-effective maintenance and system updates.

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