Our PLUS+1® Mobile Inverters are specified and tested for:

top products specifications

Our inverters are developed and tested according to the following standards and specifications:

  • EN 1175 [Safety of industrial trucks]
  • EN 12895 [EMC, ESD]: E.g. electromagnetic sensibility up to 100V/ms
  • EN 60068 [Environmental tests]:
    1. Shock / Pulse Impact up to 7g
    2. Vibration to withstand up to 7g
    3. 500 Bumps of 25 g in each of 6 directions
    4. Free fall from 1m (3 feet) hight
    5. Tested for durability under static and cyclic temperatures (cold, dry & damp heat, change of temperature)
  • For usage in cold storage houses: The control board inside the inverter is protected against condensation water and an additional membrane allows for “breathing of the device”.
  • IEC 60529 [Degree of Protection (IP)]:
    1. IPx7 allows for temporary immersion in water of up to 1m depth
    2. IP6x is the highes possible rating for dust.
  • ISO 16750–5 Chemical Resistance: The unit shall be highly resistive to chemicals like battery acid, hydraulic oil, fuel,...
  • UL583 listed
  • Homologation E-marking on demand
  • Additional tests were executed according Danfoss Power Solutions Global Standard GS-027c Electronic Products Environmental Testing, especially developed for "Off-road" machines:
    1. Short Circuit Protection: All interface pins are protected against short circuit to battery plus or minus
    2. Reversed Polarity Protection: The unit shall withstand reversed polarity at the supply voltage for a period of at least 5 minutes. 
    3. HALT ( Highly Accelerated Life Test ): Stresses inverter over it's limits to expose design weaknesses and to demonstrate robustness

Current Ratings:

All inverters in the MIxx series are laid out as below. Please see "Product Overview" for specific data.

 A) Nominal Current  = S2 - 2 min Rating  = 100% of Nominal Current
 B) Continous Current  >= 60 min Rating  =   50% of Nominal Current
 C) Boost Current  <= 10 s Rating  = 110% of Nominal Current

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