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PLUS+1® Tools

PLUS+1® is an integrated family of hardware and software optimized to reduce mobile equipment OEMs control system cost and time to market by the use of a complete development chain including graphical programming tools to develop Application Software and Service Tool Applications.  


PLUS+1 GUIDE is a complete toolbox that generates downloadable applications for all programmable PLUS+1 products.

Graphical editor allows easy development of applications by programmers without formal software development training.
Drag-and-drop components and application blocks for time-saving system design in the PLUS+1 GUIDE programming environment.

PLUS1 Overview V2

PLUS+1® Service tool

It’s a useful service tool with multiple access protection levels and customizable service screens. Monitor and tune CAN-based PLUS+1™ products using the PLUS+1™ PC-based service tool. For access, download the PLUS+1 Service Tool Software. Standard features of our PLUS+1 Service Tool include bar graph displays, oscilloscope displays for trending and tuning, data export to spreadsheet tools and user-defined graphics.

Features & Benefits

  • Read and write access to tuning parameters.
  • OEM customization of the service tool look and feel.
  • Download of application hex files to PLUS+1 programmable products.
  • Access to any device on the PLUS+1™ network via CAN, using the PLUS+1 USB/CAN communicator.

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