Please consider that we can only accept requests for returns from our direct customers.

For repairs of our products inside machines or vehicles please contact the manufacturer of your machine or vehicle.

For our direct customer:

To send in an MIxx or dACi inverter to Schwarzmüller-Inverter (SMI) for inspection and repair you have to announce the return consignment as usual. In future this procedure can only be done on our website (no longer with the form sheet per mail). Because only our customers can get permission for access, a registration on our website is mandatory, please use therefore the following link:

Schwarzmüller Inverter Returns Registration

Herewith you apply for an account, where returns for inspection and eventual repairs can be announced and repair costs are stated in advance. Furthermore, the status of current repairs can be monitored, for MIxx devices more detailed than for dACi’s. More details regarding the registration can be found in the manual:

Manual Online-Returns - Registration.pdf

As soon as your account has been configured you are able to submit return requests online. Please use therefore the following link:

Schwarzmüller Inverter Returns Login

and log in with the mail address you used for the registration.

More details regarding the online return conseignment can be found in the manual: 

Manual Online Returns - Instructions.pdf
In case of questions regarding returns please contact:
Mrs.Lena Albert, Customer Service

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