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Direct support from Technical Team

  • Sizing, project planning, design & component selection.
  • Onsite machine startup by experienced application experts using advanced mobile test equipment.

Application and product training

  • Product handling, machine start up and diagnostics.
  • Electric drives know how.
  • Inverter application programming with PLUS+1™ GUIDE.

Best-in-class testing and qualification resources

  • We can measure your dedicated drive system to determine best drive performance, efficiency and durability for the application using our onsite mobile measuring equipment or in-house test benches.

Product customization

  • Based on our hardware platform and flexible software concept our engineering team can provide customized solution in short time.

Web support

  • Please visit our product and download pages for product & application documentation, guidelines & FAQ`s.
  • Collection of application software examples.

Application support

      • In cooperation with our customers we study the best system solution.
      • Implementation of the software customization with our flexible PLUS+1™ software system.
      • We support our customers in doing the software by themselves using the PLUS+1™ tool set, our free application software examples and library functions.

Extended Warranty Program

    • With the MI-xx Series, Schwarzmüller-Inverter is also announcing our new "Extended Warranty Program". The program is developed to cater to those users, who lease-out their trucks or to other who wants peace of mind. To get more details please click here

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